NOLA Events and Promotions Anticipates Emily's Advancement

Cassidy, Director of Operations for NOLA Events and Promotions, is excited to announce Emily's upcoming promotion to assistant manager. She discussed the rationale for Emily's advancement and the impact of firm's training program.

Emily has always been a great example for other team members to follow, according to Cassidy. She is the poster child for positivity, is dedicated to NOLA Events and Promotions’ mission, and she understands the importance of mentorship. Add to that her appreciation for continual learning and the way she goes above and beyond for companies in NOLA Events and Promotions’ portfolio and it’s clear that Emily will make a great assistant manager.

What really pushed Emily’s career to the next level was the way she’s helped NOLA Events and Promotions pivot. While the firm was once exclusively focused on acquiring customers for the telecommunications industry, it has expanded the scope of its operations to include services for nonprofits and charities as well. Emily was instrumental in this evolution, which proved without a doubt that she was the right person to promote.

NOLA Events and Promotions’ Training Program Provides Clear Career Path to Management

The NOLA Events and Promotions training program is designed to support ambitious professionals like Emily as they seek to move forward in their careers, shared Emily. Through workshops, seminars, and other developmental events, team members are provided access to all the knowledge and skills required for success in the industry. 

The real strength of the system comes from one-to-one coaching though, according to Cassidy. By connecting new hires to experienced team members from their first days with the team, they learn the ropes from practiced executives who know how to move from entry level to leadership – because they’ve traveled the same career path themselves.   

Speaking of career paths, these are other ways that NOLA Events and Promotions lays a foundation for professional success. When people join the team, they are shown the specific steps required to move forward in the organization. There is never any confusion about expectations, requirements, or the direction in which an associate should focus his or her efforts.

Even with all these advantages and support systems in place though, it’s still a tremendous accomplishment for Emily to soon move into the assistant manager role. Once there, it’s just a matter of time before she earns the right to run a satellite office of her own! Cassidy looks forward to helping Emily on this next phase of her career journey, and to continuing to expand the scope of NOLA Events and Promotions’ influence.

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