NOLA Events and Promotions Builds a Foundation for Success

NOLA Events and Promotions is moving quickly on an upward trend. The firm's Director of Operations explained how training and professional development contribute to this success.

"Abundant training opportunities are among the many factors of our company and team growth," said Cassidy, the NOLA Events and Promotions Director of Operations. "Our entry-level team members undergo an intensive training that prepares them for advancement. On a regular basis, we also take advantage of industry conferences and retreats. These events offer presentations, workshops, and networking, allowing them insight into the latest best business practices."

Cassidy indicated that she focuses on four basic skills when training her people. They include positive thinking, a student mind-set, confidence, and strong work ethic. Regardless of the industry, all professionals must master these abilities in order to excel. 

"We also offer a great one-to-one coaching program, which pairs our people with seasoned pros," stated Cassidy. "These experienced colleagues support team members as they acquire the skills to excel. We collaborate to make sure everyone becomes customer acquisitions experts. They learn about consumer profiles and processes, navigating objections, earning loyalty, speaking in public, mentoring, and more. The NOLA Events and Promotions culture is defined by this type of knowledge sharing."

NOLA Events and Promotions' Leader Announces Hiring Initiative 

According to Cassidy, the NOLA Events and Promotions training program - not to mention all the other available perks - offers a lot of allure for aspiring professionals. Talented individuals compete to join the team, which means the current hiring push is surrounded with activity. There is no shortage of people who are eager to hone the aforementioned skills.

"Right now, I'm focused on finding my next group of leaders and accelerating the time it takes team members to move into management roles," Cassidy continued. "Business travel is certain to facilitate this process. We offer regular travel options to exciting locations. For instance, team members recently traveled to Houston, where the territories and demographics are very different from New Orleans. This means our people get more exposure to what it's like working in various areas and with diverse audiences."

"Who wouldn't want to indulge in all-expenses-paid trips across the globe?" concluded Cassidy. "Our people earn their ways to events in big cities as well as tropical destinations. Every excursion is full of learning, networking, and team bonding. These are just a few of the benefits that come with NOLA Events and Promotions careers. Anyone who would like more information can apply online."

About NOLA Events and Promotions

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