NOLA Events and Promotions Embarks on New Campaigns

NOLA Events and Promotions' Director of Operations discussed the firm's two new national service partners. She also highlighted the importance of setting ambitious goals and the company's hiring push.

Amid expansion of the firm’s portfolio, it’s an exciting time to be a member of Team NOLA Events and Promotions. Cassidy, the company’s Director of Operations, stated, “We’ve added two respected names in the technology market to our list of represented service partners. It’s always exciting to diversify our portfolio, especially because our team members get to change up their approaches and grow their skill sets through different types of training.”

One of the firm’s new national partners specializes in internet-connected home automation and security. “This is a vibrant and rapidly growing market,” stated Cassidy. “It’s easy to see the related growth opportunities, so I know our associates are eager to explore these offerings a bit deeper.” The other new addition to the NOLA Events and Promotions portfolio focuses on digital cable TV along with telecommunications and home automation. 

In order to gain the knowledge to effectively promote these companies, team members have been taking part in plenty of training seminars. They have been working with other offices across the country to learn best practices as well. Cassidy remarked, “We’re always focused on meaningful development. When it comes to building up our list of represented companies, our team members take training even more seriously. It’s easy to see that our associates are dedicated to making the most of these new partnerships.”

NOLA Events and Promotions’ Director of Operations on Goal Setting, Hiring

The recent additions to the NOLA Events and Promotions portfolio reflect the emphasis on setting ambitious goals that is a key part of the company’s culture. Cassidy commented, “We encourage our associates to set the bar higher after every important milestone. This is the same approach we take to our larger company objectives. As we reach our expansion targets, we continually establish new ones that can broaden our reach even further.”

Cassidy also noted that clarity is essential in all goal-setting endeavors. She stated, “We remind our team members that having clear visions of success is the best way to stay motivated and achieve lofty ambitions. With a specific result in mind, it’s easier to put action steps together and make quick progress.”

Adding to the firm’s collection of talented executives is the next big goal for NOLA Events and Promotions leaders. Cassidy explained, “We’re looking for driven candidates who are ready to learn new things every day and grow right along with our organization. Strong team players with a passion for constant improvement should apply on our website.”

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