NOLA Events and Promotions Expands Into Nashville Market

Cassidy, NOLA Events and Promotions' Director of Operations, announced that she will be opening a satellite office in Nashville, Tennessee. Cassidy discussed exploring the new city and some of the compelling reasons to expand there.

Cassidy stated that it’s always been a goal of hers to expand NOLA Events and Promotions to other cities, and has been working closely with Emily for some time now to make sure she is prepared to take over the New Orleans office once Cassidy has left. Emily has learned very quickly and is a great leader for the current team, which has given Cassidy all the confidence she needs in Emily’s ability to succeed in this new role. 

Recently Cassidy, Emily, and those team members who will be joining Cassidy in Nashville took a trip there to find potential office space, tour potential event locations, and – last but certainly not least – sample some of the local food. The trip built even more enthusiasm for the expansion, in particular, because they found a ChildHelp center in the area. This is a national nonprofit dedicated to preventing and treating victims of child abuse, and it’s a cause that everyone on Team NOLA Events and Promotions supports. Finding this worthy cause in their new territory was the final sign Cassidy and her away team needed to know they were going to thrive in Nashville.

Announcing Opportunities to Join NOLA Events and Promotions

Once Cassidy has finished relocating to Nashville, one of her first priorities will be finding new team members for the NOLA Events and Promotions satellite office. Emily will be busy doing the same thing for the New Orleans location, making now a great time for ambitious professionals to consider a career in marketing.

Thanks to the comprehensive training program used by both Cassidy and Emily, work history and experience are of less importance than soft skills like being a team player and a strong communicator. Through one-on-one coaching, workshops, and seminars, new hires will have access to all the skills and knowledge a person needs for success.

There are other incredible perks besides training that come with being a part of either NOLA Events and Promotions office. One of the most exciting benefits is travel; not only will associates have chances to visit and work at both locations, but there are also trips scheduled throughout the year that include chances to learn, network, and relax together as a team.  

NOLA Events and Promotions is a growing organization that prepares career-oriented women and men to thrive. Both offices provide world-class training and caring leadership. Both Cassidy and Emily are looking forward to finding the best of the best to join their teams and help the firm expand into even more cities in 2020.

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