NOLA Events and Promotions' Growth and Philanthropy

NOLA Events and Promotions' Director of Operations discussed the recent addition of a national nonprofit to the firm's portfolio. She also highlighted a few reliable benefits of giving back to good causes.

NOLA Events and Promotions continues to sharpen its reputation as an innovative leader in the customer acquisition industry. Cassidy, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained that her team is working with a new national service partner with a fantastic mission. Childhelp is the latest addition to the firm’s portfolio. Cassidy noted that everyone on the team is honored to be part of this group’s mission to support abused and neglected children in Arizona.

Childhelp aids victims of child abuse by raising awareness, providing various counseling services, and creating educational materials for classrooms across the country. Cassidy stated that the organization is committed to preventing physical, sexual, and emotional abuse, as well as neglect, bullying, and cyberbullying. Averting all kinds of abuse in youth athletics is another focal point for the nonprofit. The materials Childhelp creates for students are designed for the appropriate age levels, so that children can learn about these issues and how to confront them.

The firm’s associates recently had the chance to attend Childhelp’s annual Drive the Dream Gala, which celebrated the nonprofit’s 60th anniversary. This was a huge deal for the company, as this extravagant event featured celebrities and incredible networking potential. Team members have also been able to attend recent events on behalf of the Women in Business Alliance, which brought together some of the most influential leaders in the region.

Cassidy stated that members of Team NOLA Events and Promotions are getting more involved in the community amid the firm’s ongoing growth. She explained that company leaders are committed to getting back to their New Orleans roots in the process, aiding local causes of all types. 

NOLA Events and Promotions’ Director of Operations Outlines Benefits of Team Giving

When it comes to philanthropy, companies that give back gain some considerable benefits. Cassidy stated that stronger team bonds result from coming together to support good causes. After each NOLA Events and Promotions giveback event, associates know more about each other’s passions outside of work. They’re better equipped to collaborate on innovative campaigns when they return to the home office.

Aiding good causes with teammates also fosters a sense of greater purpose. People are more engaged in their daily work when they can see what kind of impact they make. In the NOLA Events and Promotions office, team members are secure in knowing that their efforts support Childhelp and other nonprofits that change the world for the better.

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