NOLA Events and Promotions is Hiring New Grads

NOLA Events and Promotions' Director of Operations shared details on the firm's current hiring push, which emphasizes new college graduates. She also discussed the in-depth training program that prepares new additions for success.

Amid ongoing growth, NOLA Events and Promotions leaders are looking to offer opportunities for new team members to join the company. Cassidy, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained, “With graduation season upon us, we’re interested in finding motivated and business-minded young people to come aboard our winning team. New grads tend to bring strong student mentalities to the job, which aligns well with our commitment to constant improvement.”

A positive attitude will be one of the key attributes Cassidy and the firm’s hiring managers look for in potential hires. She commented, “We seek people who are ready to move forward every day by learning valuable new concepts. This kind of ongoing development is only possible with the right mind-set, so positivity is an essential trait for any addition to our team.”

There are a few types of backgrounds company leaders often see when recruiting new college grads. NOLA Events and Promotions’ Director explained, “We tend to get applicants with experience in the service industry, as well as former athletes. People from these backgrounds offer unique benefits. Those who come from the service industry are used to interacting with customers, while individuals with athletic experience bring grit and strong work ethics to the table.”

NOLA Events and Promotions’ Director Discusses the Company’s Immersive Training Approach

The main focus within the NOLA Events and Promotions office is to help team members grow both personally and professionally. Through an immersive initial training program, both these goals are within reach. Team members are well equipped to meet their full potential because they receive hands-on education in a variety of key business processes.

Cassidy remarked, “Every new addition to Team NOLA Events and Promotions can expect to learn basic concepts and emerging techniques in marketing, leadership, and communicating with customers. This is all while developing key administrative skills such as hiring and recruiting. We equip our associates to excel in all challenges that may arise along their career journeys.”

This expansive training focus doesn’t end with a person’s first few weeks or even months on the job. Cassidy explained, “We stress ongoing education around our office, and are always looking for new ways to refine our team members’ skills and knowledge. Through internal sessions and travel to conferences, seminars, and other events, our people continually learn new methods as they build their careers.”

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