NOLA Events and Promotions Looks to Expand Reach in 2019

NOLA Events and Promotions' Director of Operations discussed the firm's plans to enter 2019 with positive momentum. She also shared a few tips to help new managers thrive in their roles.

It’s an exciting time around the NOLA Events and Promotions office as 2018 draws to a close. Cassidy, the firm’s Director of Operations, explained that a new campaign and lots of additions to the team are creating a clear vision for future success as associates celebrate the past year’s office achievements. The Director noted that the firm’s executives will be booking new events throughout New Orleans in 2019, including food festivals and other big community gatherings.

There’s also a buzz around NOLA Events and Promotions HQ due to the philanthropic activities planned for the near future. Cassidy stated that giving back has always been a big part of the company’s ethos, but there will be even more charitable campaigns in 2019. Team members will be hitting the streets to connect with local leaders as they expand the firm’s social impact commitment. 

As they go into the new year, members of Team NOLA Events and Promotions are ready to seize on every opportunity to expand the company’s reach. Several new markets are under consideration for expansion, so plans are taking shape for a memorable year of growth. As they make progress toward their ambitious expansion goals, the firm’s associates will highlight each minor victory along the way. Cassidy added that this is the ideal way to stay engaged and motivated.

NOLA Events and Promotions’ Director of Operations Offers Tips for New Managers

The firm’s 2019 expansion pursuits will create hiring opportunities and promotions for current associates. Cassidy explained that she’s excited to watch team members evolve into effective frontrunners. She knows that there are several things a new manager must learn as quickly as possible. 

Delegation is one key skill emerging leaders need to acquire so that they can prioritize their time. Trusting team members to do their jobs is one of the best ways to create a positive work atmosphere. Cassidy remarked that trust is one of the key drivers of NOLA Events and Promotions’ ongoing growth. Morale and engagement remain high around the company’s workspace because people know their talents are respected.

Offering honest feedback on a regular basis is another essential behavior new managers must refine. Rather than wait for scheduled performance reviews, Cassidy explained that the best leaders provide helpful input when it’s needed the most. By doing so, managers show that they believe in a person’s ability to improve and reach high career aspirations.

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