NOLA Events & Promotions Cross-Training With Top Office

The entire NOLA Events & Promotions organization spent some time in Houston, learning best practices from another of the top offices in the nation and seeing firsthand the value of collaborating with like-minded peers.

Travel is one of the most powerful development tools in a business leader’s toolbox, according to Cassidy, NOLA Events & Promotions’ Director of Operations. By ensuring that her team members have the chance to explore the world, either through weekend retreats in exotic destinations or road trips to neighboring cities, she creates an atmosphere of excitement and engagement in the office. 

What’s more, by traveling with their colleagues, team members develop deep friendships that make collaboration in the office that much easier. Trips are so effective that Cassidy easily considers them investments, not expenses.

“Our most recent travel opportunity took us to Texas, where we met and worked with successful customer acquisition specialists in the Houston market,” shared Cassidy. “I wanted the crew to see how one of the top offices in the nation was run, and get a feel for the amazing amount of opportunity that exists in our industry. Both offices have a lot to teach each other, including the different approaches we take depending on our territory.”   

The Houston team, according to Cassidy, is full of self-starters that eat, sleep, and breathe success. They wake up motivated and leave work at the end of the day excited for what will come tomorrow. They’re incredibly successful, and she wanted to bring some of that energy and attitude back to NOLA Events & Promotions HQ. 

Why NOLA Events & Promotions’ Director Values Collaboration Between Offices

Houston isn’t exactly around the corner from the NOLA Events & Promotions office, and while Cassidy sees travel as an investment it needs to pay dividends. The Houston trip represented a chance for her to show her commitment to collaboration, a characteristic of high-functioning teams.

“Organizations with a high amount of teamwork are not only more engaged, they’re also more informed,” Cassidy explained. “Collaboration produces a sense of community that encourages people to feel like they’re more than just workers – they’re a family. This is exactly what I wanted to show by traveling to Houston and introducing my crew to some extended family members. Also, by sharing our knowledge with them and gaining their insights, both offices are now poised to bring more innovation and enthusiasm to their daily routines. I’m excited to see the progress that both our offices make because of this cross-training experience.”

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