Nola Events & Promotions Hiring College Grads and Interns

The Director of Nola Events & Promotions announced that the interactive marketing firm is recruiting college grads and interns for a summer program. She explained the qualifications and what the firm offers team members.

“We are very interested in hiring recent college graduates,” stated Cassidy, Nola Events & Promotions’ Director of Operations. “We have some nice opportunities for young professionals who want to make their mark in the business world.”

In addition to the job positions, Cassidy announced that the Nola Events & Promotions summer internship program is open to college students. “This is a $1,000 tuition program,” she stated. “We’ve welcomed interns from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge and others from colleges in Mississippi. We’re interested in bringing on more individuals and hope to help them establish some real-world job experience.”

According to Cassidy, the ideal candidates have the following qualifications. “We need enthusiastic, goal-oriented individuals who want to succeed in a competitive, high-energy environment,” she said. “It is important that they have excellent communication skills. Previous leadership experience is a plus.”

A strong work ethic is a trait that Cassidy suggested will give the candidates an edge as well. “We’re looking for ambitious people who are career oriented,” she stated. “They need to be self-starters who are able to solve problems and are open to new ideas and working well with others.”

“We want people who will fit in with our company culture, which is fast-paced, empowering, and collaborative,” she added. “Basically, we have a diverse yet cohesive team. We welcome individuals who can embrace this type of environment.”

Nola Events & Promotions’ Director of Operations Describes What the Firm Offers

As Cassidy stated, Nola Events & Promotions offers associates a thriving workplace in which to develop their careers. “We have a very fun office,” she said. “We keep things upbeat with lots of contests and challenges that inspire our people to raise the bar and reach the next level.”

“This isn’t simply a job,” Cassidy stressed. “When we hire new people, it is with the intent that they’ll have room to learn and grow. From our training and coaching program, which prepares people for management roles, to our advancement policy, there are abundant professional growth opportunities for anyone willing to put in the effort to succeed.”

Cassidy noted that the compensation offered is based on performance, as well as perks, such as travel. “We reward hard work,” she added. 

Interested individuals are invited to apply online at

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